Welcome to OdinPower.
A simple and easy way to get strong!

The rules are simple. Every session you deadlift and either bench or press. Each session is 5 reps with weight of the day.
After that it's 5 reps, with 90% of weight of the day.
The next session is the same weight + 2,5kg. If you can't make 5 reps with perfect form, you press the 'reset' button, and the next time the exercise will start at your initial weight + 2,5kg.
Do sessions as often as you can, but please listen to your body.
The idea of this program is getting strong over a long period of time, with sessions that does not stress your body too much.
Also you MUST see an instructor for learning the proper form of the exercises. We DO NOT take responsiblity for ANY damages, caused from using the advice of this app!