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Odin Strabo Jensen

Age: 46

Mobile dev
Web dev
VR Dev
Multplayer networking and hosting
C# / .NET
Heavy lifting

Welcome to the homepage of Odin Strabo Jensen,
old school programmer and weight lifter 😉

Although I no longer work as a programmer (I'm a Senior Business Application Analyst), I still do a lot of programming for fun and experience.

I did this webpage in Bootstrap 4, a responsive web framework. I programmed my own weight lifting program app in HTML, Bootstrap and Javascript, as well as numerous other applications for web, mobile devices and desktop.
These days I mostly do multiplayer games and VR, which is another new programming field I'm rather interested in, since you have to take the human brain and build in sensors into account 😀

On top of all that, I'm also learning Blender, and can now do modelling, texturing, vertex- and bone animation. Although a lot of practice is still needed ;)

Other than that, I do a lot of heavy weight lifting, as it's a great way to test yourself, as well as prepare yourself for at strong and functional life until the very end 😜

Anyhoo, feel free to look around my site, and if you have a great idea for some cool collaboration, or something else, feel free to contact me!

You can also join my Discord channel


Here is a list of my current, as well as older projects.

OdinScript screenshot
Planner app for people with cognitive challenges.
Includes camera/image lib support, pictographs, timers, rewards, QR code support and much more!
Very proud of this one :)

Get it for iOS
Get it for Android
Blastworld screenshot
Free Fortnite clone for LAN

Get all the skins from the start without paying a dime, build up to 6 different types of structures, and use classic weapons such as pistol, rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher and sniper rifle!

Download it Here
Tiny Zombies Experiment VR screenshot
Tiny Zombies Experiment VR
A VR and zombie infection experiment.
Works with Oculus, as well as with no headset. (Vive untested)

Follow/get it here
Odin Power Program screenshot
OdinPower Program
A simple and free strength training program.
Get strong and healthy with just 2 exercises per session!

Run it from here
MathCaveRPG screenshot
Battle monsters with addition, multiplication and subtraction!
Kill the monsters with math, before they kill you!
Fun math learning game for kids :)

Play it online Here
DyreApps screenshot
Fun and easy learning apps for children, done in collaboration with Madam Bachs Forlag.
NOTE: Webpage and apps in Danish language only!

Get them for iOS
Get them for Android


If you have a great idea for a collaboration, want support on my software/games og simply want to reach out, use the form below.

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