Welcome to furi.dk

I specialize in multiplayer network programming and infrastructure, as well as VR/AR development.

I am also passionate about exploring emerging technologies such as the metaverse, decentralized network nodes, and blockchain.
If you're interested in seeing more of my work, be sure to check out the project videos available by clicking "View more."

Whether you're looking for expert network programming or cutting-edge VR/AR experiences, I'm here to help.

Thanks for visiting my website, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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Odin Strabo Jensen

Xenophear image

I single-handedly created an online space marine game where players battle against an insidious alien race, available 24/7/365

WinterFury image

A great VR on rails shooter.
I'm currently working on the multiplayer version.

Undead Rampage VR image
Undead Rampage VR

In this endless wave zombie shooter, I employed ChatGPT to dynamically generate the progression of zombie waves.

Blastworld image

My 5-week project to hone my multiplayer programming skills resulted in Blastworld, a free battle royale game

Tiny Zombie Experiment VR image
Tiny Zombie Experiment VR

The Tiny Zombie Experiment: a shooter with zombie simulation elements - the name says it all!

Hugo and the Quest for the Kikurian Sunstones image
Hugo and the Quest for the Kikurian Sunstones

A Crash Bandicoot-style game with the popular Danish TV character Hugo for PlayStatation 1

Dungeon Generator image
Dungeon Generator

I created a randomized dungeon generator that connects rooms through connect points, allowing for different elevations

Mansion From Hell image
Mansion From Hell

A VR horror game in development, featuring a randomly generated horror mansion.

MathCaveRPG image

Put your math skills to the test in this real-time battle game!
Use your math prowess to strike down your opponents under pressure.

Tank image

A classic DOS game I developed based on my own pen-and-paper game creation.

Andromeda image

Self-made space RPG game concept.

GoatClicker image

This clicker game was designed by my talented son. Give it a try!

OdinScript image

OdinScript: The ultimate task manager for kids and adults.

DyreApps image

Interactive and engaging Danish reading apps designed specifically for young children.

Other Apps image
Other Apps

I did some other apps for iOS and Android that are no longer available.